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Simple Posting Rules


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Apr 8, 2015
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BitOrder Rules

1. Members are not allowed to engage in threatening behavior toward other members. This includes flaming. Also threats to steal accounts, dox, or swat. This includes any on-site material such as posts, PMs, or profiles.
2. No short, low quality posts like "bump", "lol", "roflmao", "thanks" and any repeated characters to defeat the min character count.
3. Don't attempt to infect members with trojans, viruses, or backdoors.
4. No direct links to infected downloads in posts or profiles.
5. Signature images can be no larger than 650x200 pixels and 500k size. Animated gifs should not be annoying.
6. You cannot ask for or offer reputation in posts, signatures, or PM. This includes encouragement like "rep is appreciated".
7. No adult images, adult links, or adult account trading.
8. Multiple accounts will not be allowed unless you are reporting your original account as hacked. Ban evading will result in the permanent closing of your old account and new accounts. No exceptions.
9. No posting of fake programs.
10. No threads or posts for donation begging. This includes loan requests.

11. No political or religious expression in your profile. This includes user titles, signatures, and avatars.
12. We do not allow site goals or achievements in signature this includes but not limited to posts, reps, upgrades, and groups memberships.
13. Any rules posted in the forums header must also be reviewed. Some forums have special policies that must be adhered to. Don't post in any forum without reading them.
14. Any marketplace type threads must be in the Marketplace area. A three day ban is the penalty for wrong forum posting marketplace threads. No warning will be given.

Posting Etiquette of BitOrder

1. Post in the correct category. Read the forum descriptions if you are confused.
2. Use good grammar. Basically start sentences with a capital and end it with punctuation.
3. Don't double post. That's when you post one after another instead of editing your existing first post.
4. Don't cross post. That's when you repeat a post in multiple threads or categories.
5. Create relevant subjects for threads. Shit like "OMG" for a subject is immature and asinine.
6. When posting content from another site, credit the site; use quotes and link to original content (unless it is a competing forum, in which case you shouldn’t be posting the content).
7. No "Post Here and PM me" threads will be allowed. This includes "Post Here and I'll PM You" or any "Post to PM" threads.
8. Be kind to others. How hard is it not to be an asshole?
9. Act like you're older than 16 even if you aren't.