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[Paid Advertisement] carding tutorial updated 2022


ViP MaLe
Oct 19, 2020
Reaction score
Yes the tutorial is finally here

VPN/RDP/VPS, for full internet security, to protect your IP
CC non-vbv ( USA recommended ) <can buy from me >
Socks must be the same as the cc owner

1st step.
Connect to RDP (if you have), connect the Make sure your IP is hidden, so check your IP with

2nd step
Look at the CVV address and find a SOCKS in the same area as the CVV holder's address. If you won't be able to find it in the same city, then try other cities near to the CVV city. Apply the SOCKS on your Mozilla Firefox browser.

3rd step
Make two new e-mail addresses, one of you will use with the CVV for the card on the webshop, and the other e-mail address you will use to request the delivery of the gift cards.

4th step
Open Mozilla browser with socks connected go to

5th step
Try to act like a genuine customer, search for the product (in this case e-gift cards) you want to buy, and pick up the gift card you will like to buy. I advise you to make sure the CVV is alive and has enough funds to cover the price of the gift card.

6th step
Make your purchase look genuine, so no hurry to purchase the e-gift card, Add the gift card to your cart and check out. Now you will be re-directed to the delivery address and payment page. On the delivery details page, fill with a fake name and the second e-mail you made in step 3.

7th step
I recommend purchasing a small number of gift cards like 10$ or 20$ ... if the balance of the card is 100$ then buy 10 10$ worth of cards buying a big amount of cards may ask for OTP

8th step
get the cc details to fill the details there and check out you will receive your gift cards within minutes

9th step
go to and sell your gift cards for bitcoin or you can use those cards by yourself