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Dumps Questions + Answers [FAQ's]

Davy Jones

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Apr 23, 2015
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Dumps Questions + Answers [FAQ's]
I want to answer here to many of you who asked me to write about dumps.Guys,I read all your mail and I do answer to all of you but you must be patient and 100% sure you will get answers to you mails.Sometime it takes me until 48 hours because I also have a family and I also work.So please just be patient and if you need an urgent replay just tell me in the mail to replay as soon as possible and I'll try my best !And my dear friends,remember that the information I give you is for educational purpose only!!!

Let's now talk about today's subject:dumps.To make it more easy I'll write this post like in school,question/answer.

Q1.What are dumps?
A1.dumps are bank data encored on the bank cards.Every dump is connected with a bank account so every time when a person use his bank card a transaction from his bank account take place.The bank data is stored on a bank card by modifying the magnetism of tiny iron-based particles.Once the bank card is swiped on a magnetic card reader the bank information from the bank account can be reached.

Q2.What is the format of a dump?
A2.A dump has upon 3 tracks but the dumps carders use came with 2 tracks,ie track1 and track 2.Each character of a track is written with codes and odd parity.It is very important to write correct the dump on your plastic so that the card will match a bank account and a transaction be approved.
Carders can buy dumps which came with original track1 and track 2,this is recommended or dumps which came only with track 2 and then they must generate track 1.It is not difficult to generate track 1 from track 2 but for n00bs is better to buy dumps with both track1 and track 2.
Here is an example of dump with original track1 and track 2 also recommended for n00bs!
track1:B4256 746500930321^CLAIRE/JONES^1402101700102054
track2:4256 746500930321=1402101700102054Please note that this is not a real dump so don't try to work it!
If you know how to generate track1 from track2 you can buy dumps which have only track2,example
track2:4256 746500930321=1402101700102054

Q3.What is track 1 format?
A3.Track 1 is written using a code called DEC SIXBIT and odd parity.Each symbol from track1 mean something and the sum of the symbols will connect the card with it's bank account.

Q4.What is track 2 format
A4.Track 2 is written using a 5 bit scheme ,4 data bit and 1 parity.It may contain 16 characters ,ie the numbers 0-9 plus other 6 symbols, ie : = ; < >?

Q5.What is the Service Code of a dump?
A5.Many n00bs think that exist only 2 kinds of dumps,101 and 201 but there are many other.Carders usual work out 101 or 201 dumps but the majority will prefer 101.
Every dump has a Service Code.The Service Code has 3 characters and you can find a dump Service Code by looking to a dump,no matter is it has both tracks or only track 2.Example we toke 4256 746500930321=1402101700102054.The Service Code of this dump is 101 .So the Service Code of a dump is located after the expire date,which in this case is 1402 (feb 2014,YYMM)

Q6. What each digit of the Service Code mean?
A6.Each digit of a Service Code mean something .

If the first digit is
1 mean that card is international interchange OK (card can be use in any country)
2 mean that card is international interchange but use IC (chip)
5 mean that card is national interchange only under bilateral agreements
6 mean that card is national interchange only under bilateral agreements and use chip
7 mean that card is not for interchange
9 mean that is a test card

If the second digit is
0 mean that card is normal
2 mean that when card is used issuer must be contact via online means
4 mean that when card is used the issuer must be contact except under bilateral agreements

If the third digit is
0 mean that the card has no restrictions but the PIN is required
1 mean that the card has no restrictions
2 mean that the card can be used for pay goods and services only not for cash
3 mean that card can be used only for ATM transactions and PIN is required
4 mean that card can be used for cash only
5 mean that card can be used for good and services only and the PIN is required
6 mean that card has no restrictions and use PIN where feasible
7 mean that card can be used for goods and services only and use PIN where feasible

Q7.What is the difference between 101 and 201 dumps?
A7.By now if you read careful A 6 you know what is the difference between different Service Codes,in this case 101 and 201,but to make you see clearly lets read 101 using the meaning of each digit for the Service Code
101 mean (1) International interchange (o)Normal use (1) without restrictions
so a 101 dump can be used in any country for cash or goods and services payments without restrictions.
201 mean (2)International interchange with IC or chip (o) normal use (1) without restrictions
so 201 dump can be use in any country for cash or goods and services payments without restrictions BUT CHIP VERIFICATION MUST BE DONE!
I recommend to the n00bs to work only 101 dumps.

Q8.How are dumps provided?
A8.A real,correct and valid dump can be obtain only when a bank card which store the dump take contact with a magnetic strip reader.This reader can store the dump and it can be re-write on an other card.If you want to understand better,set your msr on read function,then sweep your card and you will see that track1 and track 2 of the bank data stored on your bank card will appear on the msr window.This data you can re-write on an other card just by setting msr on write function and sweep the a magnetic card!I know that some vendors sell dumps obtain by wire-less hacking methods but they has errors and the tracks must be fixed ,I don't recommend you this kind of dumps!
Dumps obtain using card generator ARE NOT VALID BANK dumps.Never try to work this kind of dumps!

This is all for today guys but if i missed something or you want me to write some more info in this post feel free to send e-mails with your request.

Be safe and good luck!